Ha, oh well. I guess that I have not kept up with my last blog post, to post more. Well as they say in sports, you are only as good as your last game, so here goes.


Over the past year+ I have worked at Autodesk as their Social Engagement manager. I have a team of 3 people who help to manage all Community and Social engagement from a Customer support perspective. The team is great and we have accomplished many things over the past year. During this period, I have seen a significant shift in the understanding of what our team manages and how important that we are. I have also noticed a shift with other groups trying to get more and more involved, in not only a reactive manner, but in more of a proactive approach.

Many teams are now proactively hosting webinar’s and AMA’s (ask me anything). They are registering on our community forums and taking the training that my team has put together. They are actively involved on our forums, without “tasking” them to do so, but rather they feel compelled to.

I am not trying to “tout our teams horn” by any means. I am just trying to point out the shift which I am seeing, and wondering if you are also seeing this. It does not matter what business that you are in, or what team you are on. Are you seeing this more and more as well?

As always, thanks for reading!