Randy Saari, SVP Sales

“For the past year I’ve had the pleasure of having Mike Pascucci on our sales team at Mzinga. Mike is a jack of all trades he’s a little bit sales, a little bit operations, a little bit business person and a whole lot of good attitude. His commitment to team and self sacrifice is admirable and the world would be a better place if more people were as authentic as Mike. I would like to recommend highly to anyone that assigns value to the aforementioned character traits. On the business side-under Mike’s guidance Mzinga was able to increase our market presence and close 3 of the largest account sales opportunities in 2008. He also was a excellent public speaker and helped with merger and acquisitions due diligence. Unfortunately with a recessed economy we were required to perform a reduction in our workforce which impacted Mike. I would hire Mike back without any questions and I assure you what you see if what you get with Mike.”

Rick Faulk, President & CEO

“I’ve worked with Mike over the last several years at Mzinga. His knowledge about the social media space is outstanding. He has particular expertise in the moderation segment of the space. He’s worked with some of the largest brands in the world in delivering moderation services. I’d be proud to serve as a personal reference for Mike.

Colin Browning, Director, Business Development

“Mike and I have worked together at Prospero, then Mzinga for about 2 years – he was the Moderation and Community go-to guy! His knowledge and presentation style were incredible. He as an incredible asset to have on any sales call (in other words – usually that meant we would win). He was responsible for growing the moderation business to incredible levels (you will have to get the exact #s from him). Mike is perfect at a senior level (VP or up) at any community focused organization – he has the business savvy, sales, presentation skills – he is an incredible senior executive to have on your team.”

Steve Brock, Director of Moderation Services

“I worked both under and with Mike and found him to be a great sales associate and manager for both small and large community management projects. His list of accomplishments is long and he was instrumental in helping us double our revenue over the last three years. I recommend Mike highly.”

Charlie Beck, Account Executive

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Mike over the past year. He is certainly an expert in his field as well as a true thought leader…Mike can clearly articulate industry best practices and how they apply to solving business issues at hand. His personality and style immediately brings credibility to conversations, is a good listener and is honest and straigthforward with his responses. Mike is a true ‘go-to’ person who makes the people around him better at what they do. Any organization that has Mike on the team will be a winning organization…I would welcome an opportunity to work with Mike again!”

Derek Showerman, Community Consultant

“Mike has built the moderation business at Mzinga from the ground up. In recent years he has been involved with selling the product. At Shared Insights he was the visionary behind what a true moderation organization looks like. That vision met reality at Mzinga because of his knowledge, dedication, execution and sales skills. I would recommend Mike to run any moderation project.”

Jim Storer, Sr. Director – Social Media Strategy

“Mike is a real thought leader on community moderation and management. His time at eBay and subsequent work with Mzinga’s customers give him an enormous collection of experiences to draw from in developing best practices in this space. He’s also one heck of a nice guy, someone who works easily with all types of people and supports a positive corporate culture. I feel lucky to have worked with Mike and remain good friends with him outside of work. He’d be an asset at any organization considering social media and community as part of their marketing, support or human resources activities. I’d work with him again in an instant.”