Thanks all for reading.

I am fairly new to the world of online blogging (have worked in Online Community Development for 10 years), and have never taken the time (or have I been asked) to write down my thoughts. The main focus of this blog will be on the Moderation and Management of Community content, and I will do my best to share my past experiences and beliefs.

Background: I began my Community career within Customer Support for Fogdog Sports back in 1999. During the last portion of my stint there, I worked and assisted in the development and integration of Community platforms and User generated content. The Bay area was crazy back then, and we were able to bring the company public. Shortly after we went public, we were bought out and the company was eventually relocated to Pennsylvania. Community Development and Content management was fairly “new” back in ’99 as you may know. Fortunate enough for me, I was living in San Jose, CA. and ran across an Online Community position for a small auction type company that you may have heard of, eBay. During my 5+ year stint there I held many different Community Development roles, including vendor management, Community Project manager, Focus group manager and International consultant. From there I relocated back to my roots in New England and moved on to a company called Shared Insights with the likes of Aaron Strout, Barry Libert and Jim Storer. After a short stint the, I and then moved on to Prospero Technologies. Prospero then merged with a company named Mzinga (which was formed out of 2 companies – Knowledgeplanet and Shared Insights). Small world coming full-circle, and the lesson learned there was to never burn any bridges. Lucky for me, I was welcomed back with open arms.

While at Mzinga, I held the role of Director of Moderation, managing all aspects of client contact, including pre and post sales, and managing the on-boarding process. 2008 was a great year for online Moderation as many companies were concerned with User Generate content – but still wanted to launch online communities.

Because of my past roles, I understand both the vendor and client side of a Community business. I fell this puts me in a unique position as I am able to communicate with our clients more productively and proactively, knowing the expectations that I had in the past with any vendor. I would like to thank you all for reading my blog, and hope that you will enjoy the topics that I am planning to blog about.

Mike Pascucci