Now I am choosing the NBA because I have heard that they are planning to ban players from tweeting during their games, but this could be associated with any sport.

Does anyone really have an issue with this? Do you think that it is really acceptable for professional athletes to take time out of their day to tweet that they just saw “____” (movie star) in the stands and wishes to be introduced to them? Or that they took a “Hard foul” from  player x and is planning to make formal introductions to them in the 2nd half? Can these updates not wait until the game is over, and they are in their locker room, either celebrating a win and drowning in a loss.

As usual, there is a time and place for everything. Yes, players are make millions of dollars playing a “sport” and providing entertainment for those that are willing to spend hours and/or hundreds of $’s to attend a game, I understand that. But is it really acceptable to you, as a fan, to receive a tweet from one of your favorite players during a game, when they should be focused on the game and beating their opponent.



Thoughts? Am I off here, or do you think that they take time before and after the games, and wait in-between to post anything?