Ok, let’s have a change of pace here. In an effort to learn more about the different types and kinds of beer out there, I would like to ask you what your favorite beer is and why? I have a couple that truly span the spectrum of types.

Fat Tire Sunshine Wheat

In the Summer I really like Fat Tire’s Sunshine Wheat, with a slice of lemon. While I can not get this on the East coast at the moment, I remember days in California and Arizona where I would pop the top of one of those and really enjoy the flavor. Very refreshing and light. As their website outlines, the beer offers a crisp, refreshing alternative to heavier-bodied heffe-weizens.

Not granted I do truly love the Amber Ale as well, as that is another favorite of mine. but in the heart of the summer, this really hits the spot.

To my disappointment, for whatever reason there is, The New Belgium Brewery does not distribute this far East. I have had it in Wisconsin and in some southern atlantic states, but not this far north. Please, and I beg of you, please begin distributing to the North East!

Sierra Nevada Big Foot

Now when it comes to heavier, stronger beers, you do have to come hard, or stay home, which is why I choose this Seasonal Favorite from Sierra Nevada. Sierra Nevada brews a very tasty Big Foot Barley Wine. This is a very flavorful concoction that will drop you to your knee’s after 2 or 3. Definitely not for the casual beer drinker, this beer is for individuals who are looking to sit down and enjoy.

With it’s dark, reddish hue, and deep rich flavor, it is definitely not overpowering when you have just 1. I love it up her in NH when we get a storm and I have to snow-blow my driveway, I always crack one of these and put it in the snowbank and have a sip with every pass. It really helps the time go by, as well as serves as a nice way to resolve the back pain.

What are your favorite 1-2-3 beers and why? Please share your thoughts as well as this post with others.

As always, thanks for reading.